Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Marshall

Marshall's 1st birthday was a few weeks ago on April 22nd. Yes, Earth Day is his Birthday. He woke up really happy and was in a good mood for most of the day. He even decided that he was going to start walking and has since mastered that skill.
I did make the shirt that he is wearing.

By the end of the day his happiness had left and he really just needed to go to bed. He was so tired I couldn't even get him to taste any birthday cake. He didn't even open any presents until the next morning. We took the kids to see " How to Train Your Dragon" which ended up being a bad idea for Marshall. Jake was out in the hall with him for most of it. Totally my fault that he was to tired for cake. oops. Good thing he didn't even know it was his birthday.

Without a doubt he is my most challenging baby. He has a very strong personality and is constantly doing things he shouldn't. He won't hold still for anything, ever. He grunts and growls at everything but, it is usually followed by a smile. He loves Zachary and Katie. They can always get him to laugh. He likes taking rides in the wagon and loves to be in the pool. You wouldn't know that he is a picky eater because he is pretty big, 98th percentile. We love our little head strong boy.