Friday, July 16, 2010

Tucson Children's Museum

This is how Marshall was the whole time, plus really loud yelling. He loved it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

There is now a Temple in the Gila Valley. It makes me really happy when I think about it.

Every Boy Likes Toy Story

Marshall really likes Toy Story. He sat and watched Toy Story 3 through the whole movie. I didn't have to leave with him once.

Zach is 5

Zach turned 5 on June 10th. (I know I'm late with posting about it) He is so happy to be 5. He starts kindergarten in August and I think he will do well. He had a good birthday with a few presents. We got him this Lightsaber duels game, he likes it but he like Super Mario Bros. better and is getting pretty good. He is such a sweet boy and is I love having him around. He will be missed at home when he goes to school.


I remember camping not being such a hard thing. It has since changed from a time of play to a time of preparation and work. Still a lot of fun, just more work. The kids got so dirty but Marshall won the overall award for being to most dirty. He had dirt boogers for days after we got home and I was finding it in his ears for a while. Katie has a lot of fun with all the cousins from Jakes side of the family. (this is Avery) Zach found this stick and was quick to turn it into a first class weapon. He shot pretend arrows with it for a log time.

Good Times!!!

Summer Fun!!

We have had a lot of time to do whatever we want this summer. Here is what we have done so far:
Lots of swimming
Making Ice Cream with tin cans (Which by the way is to much work, just buy ice cream)
Movies at the Theater, Toy Story 3
Playing UNO, a lot
Tucson Zoo
Finger painting
Cleaning the Church building followed by a Jamba Juice
Lunch with Daddy
Made Playdough
Air Museum
Ordered Pizza
Made smores
Splash pad
Super Mario Bros. on the Wii
Spent some time on Mt. Lemmon
Made our own circle crayons out of old crayon bits

It has been a fun summer so far, But we still have a few things to do.