Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today I am getting ready for our trip to Disneyland. I think is has been two years since Katie started talking about a trip to the happiest place on earth. She has cousins who have been and she has wanted to go for a while. We haven't told our kids that we are going and I don't think we are going to say anything. They will figure it out when we get there. We thought it was a good time to go before we have another baby. Having 3 kids is starting to make me very nervous. I will be posting pics when we get home. Until then our life is pretty uneventful. 
I have been walking in Sabino Canyon twice a week and I really enjoy it. Walking is about the only thing I can do at this point without feeling to awkward. I need to take some pictures of the canyon and post them. I really do live in a beautiful area. The Mountains are just magnificent. I have always thought that the desert is pretty but this desert is really exceptional. I think so anyways. 
Katie lost another tooth. She turns 5 in two and a half weeks and has already lost two teeth. I think Zach is a little jealous. I have noticed him checking his teeth to see if any are loose. Oh well, his time will come.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Every week we have a play group that gets together on Wednesdays. This week we went to a park called Agua Caliente. This park has a ton of ducks and lots of trees everywhere. My kids love coming to this park to feed the ducks. This time while we were there one of the park staff came over and told us we weren't supposed to feed the ducks anymore. My kids were a little miffed. They got over it more quickly than I had expected and started playing hide and seek with our friends that were there with us. It doesn't get any better than hide and seek. It is one of their favorite things to do. I did take my camera with me but of course I didn't take any pics. I am so bad about taking pictures, and I always feel guilty about it. I need to do better.
Katie and Zach are both really excited for this baby to come. Last Monday morning I had an appointment with my midwife and I was telling Katie that I was going to leave her at home home with Daddy so I could go to my appointment. She asked me if the I was going to have them pull the baby out. I started laughing and told her it was just a check up and she was a little disappointed.