Monday, June 29, 2009

We have big kids!

Jake and I are really tall measuring at 6,3" and 6,0". So I guess it is only natural that our children are super tall as well. After all, tall is beautiful and makes for great ball players.
Katie is almost 5 and 1/2 years and is 49 inches tall. That is the same as the average 7 year old.
Zach turned 4 last month and is 43 inches tall.
Marshall went to his 2 month appointment today and measured 26 inches and 16 lbs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Marshall is getting fun!

Jake has always like to tease our kids. He really likes to see if he can get them to make this face. It is his favorite thing to do while they are babies. I'm just as bad because I don't keep him form doing it. It has always been some sound that Jake makes that will make the kids do this.

This is Katie.
Here is Zachary.
And here is Marshall. Don't judge us.
They smile a lot too. This is his first smile that we got a pic of.


Zach is now 4 years old. He had his birthday last week and it was a very busy day. We have a membership the Reid Park Zoo here in Tucson so that is what we did first. It is a really great Zoo that isn't too big like the Phoenix Zoo. You can see the whole Zoo in about an hour and half. This pic is Katie and Zach playing in the little splash pad in the zoo.
After the zoo we went home to eat lunch and get Jake and then we went "real" bowling. Our kids have been bowling a lot on the wii and so Jake thought that they would really like to go real bowling and he was right. They had a lot of fun as you can see. It took Zach a little while to get his ball down the lane but he did alright. We had the bumpers up and He was still lucky to get two pins down, but that was good enough for him. He really had a blast.
Jake tried to show Katie how to bowl with one hand but she got frustrated with that pretty quickly and just stuck to two hands. She had quite a few grannie's that looked like this.
We asked Zach what he wanted for dinner and he told us that he wanted to go to the chop stick place. That would be Pei Wei. So that is where we went and then we came home to have cake and open presents. I did make the cake because I don't like buying them with weird colors and characters on them. And they just aren't good at all. Zach was very happy with his chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, it was delicious. Most of it is in the freezer now because there was a lot left over and I know I would eat it if it was left on the counter. It was a fun day and Zach was very happy with our family party.
Zach is a really sweet kid. Sometimes he can be a really big whiner and it really gets on our nerves but we love him anyway. He likes to do things himself and will keep trying until he gets it done. He really likes Star Wars, Star Trek, and Xmen and likes to pretend play with Katie. We sure do love our 4 year old. Happy Birthday Zach.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I know it has really been to long since I posted and I know I need to do it more often because I forget things if I don't.

This is Marshall at 1 month old. I think he was about 12 lbs then and almost wearing 6 month clothes. I keep waiting for Katie and Zach to get bored with him but is hasn't happened yet. They like to get really close to his face to talk to him. It's really annoying. However, in their defense, they have been very helpful when I ask them to get me things or put things away.
This is Katie and Zach's Joy School graduation. They had a lot of fun at joy school and had some great teachers. Thanks to all my friends involved with that. We will really miss Janelle and Carlie. Amy didn't do Joy School but we'll miss her too.

Jake as started his unpaid internship with customs and border protection and is also working part time for an attorney here in Tucson just doing some office work.
I really like having three kids, even though I am sleeping a lot less than I used to. I try to stay patient and understanding. Sometimes I surprise myself and I handle things very calmly and other times I lose it and start slamming cabinets and doors. I have yet to break something but I'm sure that time will come.
Katie is super excited to start kindergarten in August. I think we got her into a really good school. It is a charter school that puts a lot of focus on science, math and computers. I hope she enjoys it and does well.
It is getting really hot here in Tucson and so I have been trying to get down to the pool as often as I can with a new born. I really need to get the kids into swimming lessons. I think it is going to be a long and boring summer.