Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grins and giggles

Katie has had a very exciting couple of weeks. She is just getting so smart and really developing her personality. She is also losing teeth pretty quickly. This makes a total of 6 teeth. I really like her smile with that big hole. It makes me smile almost every time.

This is Katie's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Abbott. We absolutely love her, and she absolutely loves Katie. She has had nothing but good things to say about our Katiebug. She asked Katie if she could clone her so that she could have a class full of Katie's and Katie said "I don't know what that means". Haha. This is a picture of Katie with her "Student of the Year" award. What can I say, she's the best.

Katie is by far the tallest in her class. She is taller than most of the second graders. She takes after me, I guess. I was taller than most of the people in my class till about my sophomore year. I hope she enjoys being tall.

Kindergarten graduations are a little silly, but to Katie is was a really important day. She was excited to be able to wear whatever she wanted (she wears a uniform to school). She asked me if I would make her a dress for her promotion. So I did, and she loved it.