Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cows and Chickens

We spent this last weekend in Pima and had lots of fun while we were there. I wanted to go because my sisters milk cow was about calf and I didn't want my kids to miss it. We were lucky enough to be there when it happened. I do have some pictures of my brother-in-law pulling out the calf in his church clothes but they are kind of gross so i decided to leave them out. 

This right after he was born. 

This was the next morning after he was all cute and dry.

This little guy came from one of the steers. My sister has a pretty good idea which one but I don't think they know for sure who the mother is. He is really really small. The mama cow kind of adopted him. He follows her around and even lets him nurse from her. He is very cute.

My kids always love to go check the chicken coop for eggs and there is usually a few in the nest. I grew up with chickens and I really like that my kids enjoy them so much. 

These are just a few pics of my kids being silly. They really like to dress up in costumes and sometimes Katie can get really creative. This is her Christmas Rockette costume. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Joy School

Today was the first day of our little Joy School. Katie and Zach really loved it. I asked them what they learned and neither one could give me an answer but they went on and on about how much fun they had. Zach sang "where is thumbkin"the whole time we were in Fry's. The best part for me was I had 2.5 hours to do what ever I wanted. I just went to the work out group that I would have gone to anyways. I just didn't have to turn around every time someone's kid started to cry. It was great. 
This pregnancy is different from the others. Everything hurts more. I just remember it being uncomfortable but this one....ugh. I'm just ready for it to be over and I still have 15 weeks left. Oh, here is the kicker, my midwife told me I've already gained to much weight. That was not a good day. I went to the store and bought a whole bunch of produce. Which I am proud to say has not been wasted.
  These are just some random pics.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Katie lost her first tooth

I got to play tooth fairy tonight for the first time. She has been waiting for it to come out on its own for almost 3 weeks. She was so excited when it finally came lose and fell into her hand. She had a hard time going to sleep until we told her that the tooth fairy wasn't going to come unless she  was asleep.
Jacob starts school again on Tuesday and is looking forward to going back and getting busy again. It has been nice having him home for the past 3 weeks. He has been so helpful.
Some of my friends and I are starting a Joy School for our little kids this next week and Katie and Zach can't wait to get started. We have really nice friends here in Tucson that we get together with very regularly. 
My pregnancy is coming along very nicely. I don't feel this baby moving very much because the placenta is front of the baby. My midwife didn't seem real concerned about this. I guess as long as it isn't under the baby all is well. For those of you wondering, I am not having my baby at home or in a birthing center. I am having my baby at TMC (Tucson Medical Center). Some times when I mention a midwife people assume I'm delivering at home. I'm not, I just wanted to try something different and so far I am very happy.