Monday, April 5, 2010

A Girl for Liz!!!!

This is me with all of my sisters. I am on the end because I am the youngest, then it is Elizabeth, Amy, Melissa, Becky and Kim. We were all there because Elizabeth was having a baby shower. This is her 5th pregnancy but it is going to be her 1st girl and we are all so happy for her. She deserves some sweetness after having 4 boys.

Interview in San Diego

We went to San DIego last week so that Jake could interview with Navy JAG. We should hear back in about 7 weeks if he was recommended or not, so I'll post again when we hear.
It was not a spectacular trip by any means. We ended up driving over because one plane ticket for Jake would have been around $700. We did only take Marshall and we were able to drive his Dads diesel jetta so it wasn't to bad. Marshall did pretty good considering we were in the car most of the time. His interview was on Coronado Island in their public library. What a beautiful place. I think I could stand to live there.
We did go to the beach for an hour before we headed back to Tucson. Please ignore the weird face that I am making here.

Marshall really liked the sand even though it was pretty cold.

Jake is not a fan of the beach at all. He doesn't like sand.

Boys love their toys!

This boy really loves his swords! I don't even know how many he has. If he wears carpenter style pants then he just puts the sword in the loop that is on the pant leg. However, he just can't wear those everyday, so I made him this sheath out of leather scraps. Most of the things I make I just copy other people ideas. But this one is all mine.

Sweet Kids!!

This is how we want to be viewed.

This is how it really is.

Katie is 6!!!

Katie turned 6 on March 5th. It was a fun day and the first time that I gave her a party.

She had a fancy tea party with a few friends. I didn't get very many pictures because that is just how I am. I am really bad at taking pictures of special things that I want to remember.

It was outside and the weather was really beautiful that day. I made that banner out of fabric scraps.

Why I stay up late.

I made this elephant for Liz's baby girl that will join the family this June. However I ended up giving it to Katie because Zach touched it while he was eating something with ketchup.

I made these for her baby too and kept them off the table once they were finished then I made an elephant to match. I don't have a pic of that one because I still don't have all my pics on my computer. Oh well.

This is an old picture form before Christmas. I made Katie a roll up kitchen and some felt food for Christmas. I think she would have liked it a lot more last year. I still like it though.

Check out those eyes!

I thought this leaf was AWESOME! Jake thinks I'm weird that I can get so pumped about plants and produce.
I tried to get him to smile but he just would not. Funny boy. I can't believe how blue those eyes are.