Monday, March 28, 2011

Big News!!

Jacob got a job in Las Vegas!!! We can't wait to start this next phase of life. Employment!!

Washington DC

While Jacob was in Washington DC for his Jessup moot court competition, I was able to fly over for the end of the week and see the sights. It was so amazing. It was a first for both of us and since neither of had ever been there and we didn't have our kids we really tried to see as much as we could.
The cherry blossoms were blooming everywhere. Words can not describe the beauty. It really has to seen because pictures just don't do them justice.
I am really glad that the school was paying for the Jessup team to be there. They stayed in the Capitol Hilton, just a few blocks from the white house. Seriously nice hotel. I caught a glimpse of the bill for just the room that Jacob was in and it was over $2,500. He was there for 8 nights, and it was even a special rate. They also paid for all his travel and eating expenses. GLORIOUS! I figured I should go since it was over our anniversary. I had such a great time.

Who knew Brigham Young was in the Capitol building?

All of the pictures are on FB

Thursday, January 6, 2011

October, November, December

I know it is the worst part of the year to slack off on the blog posts.
Halloween happened. It was fun, but I really think it is a stupid holiday. I can't stand all of the candy that comes home and most of it ends up in the trash. I know, I'm terrible. The ward did a trunk or treat and it was just perfect for the kids.
I made Katie's entire costume. Without a pattern I might add. She was Cleopatra. Did I get a picture? No. My bad. Zach was batman. My sister had a cape, he wore all black, and we bought him a mask, gloves, and a belt. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. Marshall was a cowboy. It was darling. To small, but darling just the same.

The beginning of November seems like such a long time ago. Jakes little brother Jordan got married!!! HOORAY! We all love Rachel. She is simply wonderful. Such a great addition to the family.

Thanksgiving was great as always. It is Jake's favorite holiday and he really looks forward to it every year. Again, I took zero pictures. Everyone ate a lot except me. I was not feeling very well that day. Everyone thought I was pregnant. That is the first thing anyone thinks when I say I don't feel very well. Why is that?

From Thanksgiving to Christmas I was very busy. I was sewing like a mad woman. I made.....

*Giant checkers game for nephew Porter (quilted blanket to look like a checkers board, and thank you Layne for the superb wooden pieces. They were awesome)
*The cutest apron ever for niece Jessica
*Fabric hair flowers and bracelets for niece Megan
*2 crayon bags for nieces Aubrie and Ashlie
*a quilt for my Mom and
*15 quilted stockings for my mother-in-law Tina. These were especially lovely after she took them to get names embroidered on the cuffs. I do have pictures of these but they are still on my camera.

I must say that everything turned out super duper!!!! Everyone loved the things I made. I also made tamales, cheesecake, and all the rest of the baking you do during the holidays.

Besides the holidays, nothing really happened. The kids are still going to school and loving it. Marshall is a giant, and Jake is still in law school. He has finally started his last semester. Just it time too, because he is ready to be done.