Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 happy years

Jake and I had our 6th anniversary last saturday. It was a lame day. I was sick and pathetic all day. I slept a lot then threw up.... it was bad. However, while we were in Thatcher that weekend we did see a movie and go to lunch without having to pay for it. Thank you Mark and Liz for the movie and thank you Tina for lunch. It just worked out nice for us. On the way home from Thatcher I asked Jake if it felt like we had been married for longer than 6 years and he just smiled at me. Then we both started laughing. It was a special moment.


It is time to post some pictures of our trip. We had a lot of fun and were totally wiped out by the end of it. I think a trip to Disneyland every 5 years should do it for us. Maybe longer would be okay.

Jake doesn't like the beach. He was such a good sport to take us there. The kids loved it and really enjoyed looking for shells and getting wet in the freezing ocean water.

Zach didn't like waiting in line.

This is when she found out we were going to Disneyland. She didn't know until that morning when we were driving in front of the park and she saw everything disney.
Waiting in line is hard sometimes. This line was for the princess. It was worth the 2 hour wait.
I do have a lot more pics and you can see them here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So my computer broke and I can no longer use it. It won't charge, and a new battery didn't fix it. I can't even get it to turn on. I will be using Jake's computer whenever he is home until we can get a new one. We decided to get a new one but not until August. I won't be posting very often, not that I post very much anyway.
I went to see my midwife today and it was confirmed with an ultrasound that this baby is definitely breech. Not a good thing for me. My chiropractor visits are going well and I am really feeling some relief in my hips and other bones. Hopefully after I'm done with that the baby will turn over and all will be well.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another day

I have ben to the chiropractor twice now and my hips and pelvis are definitely less sore. My baby is still breech but I am optimistic that he will turn. At the very least I am in less pain. I really do like my chiropractor, she is very nice and has mostly the same ideas that I do. Yesterday at my appointment she was going over some of the tests and scans that we had done two days before. These are just to let you now what muscles are tense and some other mumbo jumbo that I'm not totally sold on. Anyhow, she started to tell me how stressed I was according to this scan. Not just stresses in the muscles but emotional stress, and how much energy I use to get through the day. (which I guess is higher than it should be, leaving me fatigued) I started crying. I was stressing me out to hear her tell me how stressed I was. Then she started asking me personal questions about home and family. I didn't appreciate that and thought she should mind her own business. I felt a little better after I was adjusted. Thank you Christy for watching my kids and then having us all over for dinner. That was very nice and just what I needed.  
I'm still annoyed with my kids. I love them, but they bother me. I have been trying to play games with them so they don't think I'm always a monster who like to yell and take away their toys. Yesterday I told them to clean their room 3 times and they would not get it done. I finally went in their and cleaned it myself. That means I took everything that was on the floor, which was about half of their stuff. They both sobbed for a good 30 minutes and Zach kept saying "we were just saying knock knock jokes". That didn't help the situation. 
I canned a batch of pinto beans yesterday that turned out very nicely and improved my mood a bit and then I made bread that did not turn out all and is very hard and very heavy. I don't know what happened. Usually my bread works and is really good but this time it was just terrible. What a waste. I was so upset. 
 I am looking forward to this baby coming and I keep telling my kids that things will get better when he comes. I won't be so grouchy. 

Friday, March 6, 2009


Yesterday was Katie's 5th birthday. I can't believe she is already 5 years old. I just wanted to make a list of some things about her.
  1.  She loves to "art" and is pretty good for her age. I think so anyway.
  2.   She is so excited for this baby to come and keeps asking when I am going to go to the hospital.  
  3. She loves her brother and can be very helpful when she puts her mind to it.
  4. She hates cleaning her room and washing her hair. 
  5. She likes to eat spaghetti, salad, red bell peppers, and apples. 
  6. She really likes fairies and thinks they are real.
  7. She likes anything small and pretty.
  8. She is very easily pleased and gets very excited over simple things. 
We just love her personality. She adds so much to our family and I think I just want boys from now on. She can be very emotional and moody.  She is so much fun.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breech baby

We had a really fun vacation 2 weekends ago. I do plan to post about that, but I still have to put the pics on my computer. So for now I just have other news. 
Last week I went to my O.B. appointment with my midwife and told her of this terrible pain I have been having at the top of my belly. I have also been having a lot of pain in my hips and other bones in that area.  She felt around on my belly and then told me that my baby is breech. Apparently his head is getting boxed into a spot up there that is causing  this sharp pain. This pain makes it hard to get up from sitting and... well any movement hurts really. It almost feels like a HARD contraction in a very specific spot that doesn't really go away. His feet keep kicking me down on the other end making it sore most of the time. It also makes sleeping difficult. I have decided to see a chiropractor that is registered in the Webster's Breech Technique. I hope it works. I have heard that it works pretty much most of the time. I called to make an appointment and I talked with the chiropractor for about 25 min. and she told me that the sooner the better. At 32 weeks everything should work out. 
Katie and Zach have been driving my crazy most days. I know it's not their fault. I have been extra cranky, emotional, and crazy these days. I just can't stand the noise. I have a hard time with loud noise anyway, it just seems like lately if they start playing to loudly I...... well no one should know what I would really like to do.  I think it's hard for them not being able to go outside as well. Since we are in a complex they have to ask, and I don't let them unless the weather is nice enough to leave the doors open. I don't know any of the neighbors either and my kids will talk to anyone. Everywhere else we have lived it hasn't been a problem and they could go outside whenever. 
They really like their pre-school. The other moms and I take turns teaching and this week is my turn. Last time my kids did okay. This time having it at our house was not so good. Katie and Zach both cried for the first 40 min. They didn't want to share their things with everyone at the same time. I don't know why. It was a little stressful. Oh well. I just need to finish this week and then I have one more turn. I can do it. Even with swollen ankles. 
On a happier note, Jake has been really great to me. He made Valentines day and my birthday really great. He cleaned the house and did the laundry on my birthday. I really could not have asked for anything better. I HATE doing laundry. We had breakfast at Mimi's Cafe which I have been wanting for months. It was great.