Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

Katie And Zach started school last week. They were so excited. Katie was super pumped to see all her friends and Zach was just happy to start going to school. We love Mrs. Abbott. She was such a great kindergarden teacher for Katie last year. Zach was very much looking forward to being in her class.
Katie has such a wonderful 1st grade teacher. She came home from school the other day and told me that the stem of plants is like a straw that takes water up to the leaves where there is a kitchen. Apparently in the "kitchen" is where the plant makes use of the water. She then compared a plant to the human body. I was telling her that when you donate blood your body can make more so that you will always have enough. she said "How does it make more? Is there a little kitchen in there?" She makes me laugh.
Zach is learning letters and numbers. He didn't know them all like Katie did but he seems to be picking them up pretty quickly. His handwriting is a lot better than I expected.
With both of them gone, it is just me and Marshall at home. I thought this would be cake to only have one kid at home but I have come to realize it is still hard. Marshall doesn't have anyone to play with. Nap time is great because I am all be my self, but when he is awake I have to watch him like a hawk. He can be very destructive when he is alone and a little bored. It will be nice when the weather cools off and we can walk Sabino Canyon again. I am also going to kid swap with a friend starting the end of this month so that will be good as well.


Sherri Romney said...

You are so right. Zack looks JUST LIKE YOU. How crazy that they are both in school. Has it been nice to have just one at home or has it been too quiet?

Heather Lee said...

Quiet? ha thats funny. No. Marshall is not quiet or easy in any way.

Leann said...

tell me abou this kid swap thing? What do you do?