Monday, March 28, 2011

Washington DC

While Jacob was in Washington DC for his Jessup moot court competition, I was able to fly over for the end of the week and see the sights. It was so amazing. It was a first for both of us and since neither of had ever been there and we didn't have our kids we really tried to see as much as we could.
The cherry blossoms were blooming everywhere. Words can not describe the beauty. It really has to seen because pictures just don't do them justice.
I am really glad that the school was paying for the Jessup team to be there. They stayed in the Capitol Hilton, just a few blocks from the white house. Seriously nice hotel. I caught a glimpse of the bill for just the room that Jacob was in and it was over $2,500. He was there for 8 nights, and it was even a special rate. They also paid for all his travel and eating expenses. GLORIOUS! I figured I should go since it was over our anniversary. I had such a great time.

Who knew Brigham Young was in the Capitol building?

All of the pictures are on FB


uniquelynat said...

i LOVED seeing all the things when we lived in DC for a few months a couple years ago. I would love to go again. we lived in virginia abt 45 min away from DC. sadly i missed all the cherry blossoms. and i'm sure ammon didn't take the time to look- since he was there for more than a month before us. i'm glad you enjoyed it!

Jasmine said...

I'm glad you decided to go, looks like a blast! And yeah for employment :)